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You save at least 5,000 RON per year using online meditations, and save over 120 hours.
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You register as a student and in a maximum of 48 hours you receive a meditating teacher.
You don't need another application.


We offer you all the modern technologies you need and legal, financial and technical support.
We're in this together.

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Be the first to own the InfoNow.ro eBook with all the high school material, practical exercises and solutions!


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The process is extremely easy, you just have to make an account and fill in the required data, so that our program and team can find you a teacher according to the requirements and your needs. You do not pay commissions to us, only the price of meditation. Sounds too good to be true? Read on and see all we have to offer!

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Talk to the teacher or other colleagues / friends on InfoNow, create groups and study. You can attach code, images, video or audio files.


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After each meditation, the option to leave a comment and a grade between 1 and 5 for how the course went.
This data can only be seen by moderators, who intervene when a review is negative.

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Most likely you are tired of always changing the applications and websites for each activity. Don't worry, because we're tired of it too.
Now you have them all here.


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Your experience is on another level with new technologies that make your meditations look real offline.

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Frequent questions

Are online meditations for me?
Yes and no. As much as we would like you to be part of InfoNow, we can only recommend our services to you after registering on the website and having a conversation with our team.
Are there hidden costs or contracts to sign?
The student only has to agree with our terms and conditions, and the teacher has to pay a monthly subscription, discussed with our team.
How long does an online meditation session last?
On average, our users prefer meditations of 90-120 minutes, but you specify how much you want and what budget you want, and we assign the perfect teacher for your needs.
Why would I trust you?
We all know that the internet is full of crazy people. We are here because we are tired of promising courses, disillusioned teachers and incorrect materials. If you have been through these, you should take a look at our website.
Can I register a few months before the exam?
The most honest and probably the answer is no. Usually teachers refuse to assume the probability that the student will recover the whole subject shortly before the exams. You can try, we are looking for you and maybe you are lucky.

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